Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's the little things

Even the little moments mean so much, and I crave positive affirmation, it makes me feel more confident. Here are a couple of little moments:

Last night I made dinner. David is out of town and usually I resort to box meals or frozen dinners. I'm not sure what came over me, but I actually cooked last night. Like real food, not just Hamburger Helper, and even more...I did it without a recipe or really knowing what I was doing. I've never done it before, but I had a vague idea of how it was done. I made a "trio of nuggets". I even had to cut up the chicken myself. I've done that before, but I always had kitchen scissors. David seems to have a knack for throwing away kitchen scissors. (He cuts up the pizza and then leaves them in the pizza box that gets tossed.) We used them for everything growing up, so I don't have any real knife skills. So, I used a knife and cutting board, and cut the chicken into nuggets. I've made nuggets before (using the scissors) and Shake n Bake (mmmm) but this is the first time I breaded them from scratch. I laid out three different bowls and split the chicken into 3 piles. Nancy Cate came in and asked me if I was doing a science experiment. (She knows I don't cook, and all the different bowls with the different stuff in them was cracking her up. I probably looked a bit confused/overwhelmed as well.) LOL I put cornmeal in one bowl, grated Parmesan cheese in another, and soy sauce in the third. I also had a small bowl I cracked a couple of eggs and mixed them up in. I put one part of the chicken in the soy sauce and let it kind of marinate while I dipped the other two parts in the egg and then the coating. I don't know why I did egg, I didn't use an egg with the Shake n Bake but for some reason I had it in my head that you were supposed to use an egg for breading chicken. After I coated all the pieces I laid them on a crisping rack on a baking sheet and baked them. I also made some peas, but that's not exciting. Both b/c I hate veggies and b/c I just opened a can and warmed them up. The chicken was so yummy! I coudln't decide which one was my favorite. The halfdozen (minus Aria, of course) all loved it too! Nancy Cate kept hugging me and telling me how great I did. (Does that kid know me or what? Positive affirmations galore!) She also asked me to make some more for lunch the next day. No go on that since we won't be home for lunch today. Does this mean that maybe I'm finally growing up? Oh, and also, Nancy Cate also asked me to tell David when I talked to him that I had eaten my peas too. That's right, I ate peas. She didn't miss the fact that "ate" the peas like most people take a pill, but I did willingly ingest green veggies!

My other moment is that I finally figured out how to work the background on this blog. Took forever, but I did it totally by accident. I knew I could figure it out, I just don't like to try things unless I know I will be successful. It's the perfectionist in me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So techno-challenged

I usually think of myself as being fairly smart, but when it comes to technology I get quickly overwhelmed. I think I get a little of what the older generation feels when confronted by wireless internet when they grew up without even having a car. I know that I can figure it out, but with the constant distractions and interruptions by the little people in my house, it can take a while. Please be patient with me as I try to figure this out.