Saturday, May 23, 2009


I guess? Things are going so slowly at this point. I'm not as overwhelmed as I had been, even with way more to do, but it just seems so slow. There really has been progress though. A couple of bags ready for Goodwill, and a huge bin of clothes to pass down to a friend. You can almost see the floor in the two kids' bedrooms (the other bedroom has a king sized mattress on the floor so its not as though you could see floor in there anyway). David worked on the sink in the hall bath, and it's not something he can fix, so we'll call the plumber on Monday. My shoulder is doing a lot better, there's a dull ache, but that is way better than my normal pain level. I have been able to use it again the last couple of days. I haven't scheduled my PT yet though. I tried to call, but the script is missing. I have to call the office 1st thing Monday to get it faxed to the PT office. We have two birthday parties this afternoon, and we have to take dinner to David's parents. MIL had surgery this week and she is recovering well. So, lots of little ramblings for a quick update.

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